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The Quail Anatomy Portal (QAP) is an anatomical resource for the common quail Coturnix coturnix containing 3D models of quail covering the range of development from E1(HH7) until E11(HH40).

About QAP
The Quail Anatomy Portal allows users to:
  • Search for planes illustrating structures of interest.
  • Browse in 3D all the images in the database.
  • Link to other key resources for quail.

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View anatomy by developmental stages
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Browse sections
Browse the 3D models of anatomical development.

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Staging Tool
Visualise and manipulate 3D renderings of a quail staging series.

Staging Tool
Download 3D models
The complete 3D datasets can be downloaded in tif format for local analysis.

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Quail Atlas
The Quail Developmental Atlas (QDA) is a downloadable atlas of quail from E5-E10 generated through MRI.

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e-chick atlas
The e-Chick Atlas Project (ECAP) is a multi-disciplinary project which aims to establish a database of gene expression patterns during chick development, with cross comparisons to the e-Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression (EMAGE).

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Who are we?
This project is a collaborative work between the groups of Dr Robert Bryson-Richardson, Dr David Salgado, Dr Gaby Martins , and Dr Don Newgreen.

A full list of contributors to the project is available here.

Geisha database
GEISHA is the online repository of in situ hybridization and corresponding metadata for genes expressed in the chicken embryo during the first six days of development.

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Bird base
Birds provide model organisms important to the study of neurobiology, immunology, genetics, development, oncology, virology, cardiovascular biology, evolution and a variety of other life sciences.

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